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Virtu Therapeutics is a privately-held pre-clinical-stage pharmaceutical company, founded in 2023 by Drs Thierry Virolle (Research Director at INSERM), Laurent Turchi (SCientist and CRA in hospital), Pr Fabien Almairac (Neurosurgeon and Hospital Practitioner) and Mrs Lionel Menou and Patrice Cornillon, both experienced engineers in Health Industry and holders of a Master of Business Administration.

The company is currently focused on adult and pediatric diffuse glioblastoma (GBM), a cancer that follows the cancer stem cell (CSC) model. It is the most common and lethal brain tumor, systematically recurring despite recommended treatments, thus limiting considerably the overall survival of patients.

Company's portfolio

The company’s portfolio comprises a lead molecule (DV188) and 3 backups. DV188 is a groundbreaking small molecule (First In Class) targeting the properties of CSC, leading them to differentiated and indolent non-CSC tumor cells, and restoring their sensitivity to conventional anticancer treatments.

Innovative mode of action leads GSC to a differentiate indolent no mitotic cell, sensible to genotoxic therapy induced death. "

Key facts

These molecules were discovered by the research team of Thierry Virolle (INSERM) at the Institut de Biologie Valrose (Université Côte d'Azur, Nice) in collaboration with the Institut de chimie de Nice and the University Hospital of Nice.

Following a maturation program funded by SATT SUD EST and Cancéropole PACA, the research team provided in vivo proof of the effectiveness of DV188 in neutralizing tumor initiation and progression in in the reference glioblastoma model developed from cancer stem cells isolated from patients.

Treatment with DV188 significantly sensitized tumors to the effects of standard chemotherapy, leading to a reduction in tumor size.

These results are extremely encouraging for the therapeutic management of glioblastoma and could be generalized to other resistant cancers following the CSC model.



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    December 11th

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  • 2022

    First work meeting

    First work meeting of the Team to define the VirTu Project

  • 2019

    Molecule patented by INSERM/CNRS/UCA

    Molecule patented by INSERM/CNRS/UCA
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